About Minor Thread

Minor Thread was established in 2003 in Oakland, California by artist Charlie Wright, with a dedication to taking recycled and vintage materials and repurposing them into awesome, useful objects. What started with a bin full of vintage fabric scraps turned into a need to save overlooked materials and make them new again.
Group of six photos of handmade products: Tote bags made with vintage fabric, Polaroids made from felt, 1" buttons made from vintage sheet music, lavender sachets made with felt and vintage fabric.
Today, Minor Thread is a modern variety shop of handmade goods. Charlie curates a beautiful selection of cotton and linen fabrics for her organic lavender sachets and eye pillows, creates organic tea blends and offers whimsical, retro-style home goods and accessories.
A collection of five sets of lavender sachets, in a rainbow of fabrics.
Minor Thread goods are available online and at select independent retailers across the country.
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