Product Reviews - Minor Thread

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Just what I needed!

Perfect! Love the color and the Bowie quote. Perfect for what I needed.

Love this so much

I got an eye pillow from my sister for my birthday. I loved it so much I bought one for a friend for Christmas. I will definitely be buying more for friends and family. Such a great product! It smells good and feels good and is like a little weighted blanket for your eyes. It's perfect

Great little product in a super cute package

Wonderful smelling sachets

I got the lavender sachets and gave one to my daughter. They are really lovely and have such a cute little design.

Lovely lavender

These sachets are super cute and smell wonderful!

Kid's Cotton Face Mask - Orange Pretzels - SM
Sarah L.
The only mask my kid will wear

We’ve been buying these masks for over a year (unfortunately) and are only buying more because he’s growing out of the smaller size. The old ones have held up very well and were worth the investment. The around the head strap is perfect for all day comfort and less likely to go missing at school.

Origami Face Mask - Houses in Black
Anna D.
The best masks ever!

Charlie's new origami-style face masks are the BEST. Soft, comfortable, and excellent coverage around my chin and nose. I can wear them for hours without any pain behind my ears or at the bridge of my nose, which is huge. Talking is easy with them on, too! (The cute pattern sure doesn't hurt, either.)

Organic Lavender Sachets - Valentine Blocks - Set of 2
Susie B.
Happiness in a small square

How is it that something so small can make me so happy? The lavender sachets are so beautifully made and smell wonderful. My package was wrapped in such a pretty way, It was like receiving a gift....a gift to myself!

Sample Sale Masks - MEDIUM
Lisa S.
awesome masks

they are beautiful and functional. thank you

Lines in Rust Linen Oversized Eye Pillow - Limited Edition
Collyn D.
A darling gift!

I bought one for myself and had to get some to share as gifts. I gave this lavender-scented dream to a pregnant friend struggling with migraines. Cute and practical. She loves it!

Cotton Face Mask - Black Sketch - XS
Ashley W.

Cloth Face Mask - Black Sketch - Choose Your Size

Great addition to my migraine care kit

I love the soothing lavender scent. I warm it in the microwave then put it over my eyes. It’s been a great relief for when a migraine comes on.

Oversized Eye Pillow in Coneflower - Terracotta
Laura P.

Perfect size, gorgeous fabric, smells amazing!!!

Red Rock Linen Oversized Eye Pillow Therapy Pack
Collyn D.
Useful and adorable!

I love this little pillow! It makes an amazing ice pack and it is flexible and the perfect weight to stay in place. The cute fabric is just thick enough to not need to wrap it up!

Lines in Rust Linen Oversized Eye Pillow - Limited Edition

I love this eye pillow! First of all, the size is amazing. It actually covers my entire eye area, unlike other eye pillows I've gotten. And the little grains of lavender inside are absolutely perfect and smell divine. I thought I was going to keep this one for myself, but my daughter is using it to help her fall asleep at night! Will definitely order more.

Beautifully made and fast shipping!

The lavender sachets smell so good and they are impeccably made! I plan to include them as a gift for my mother for Mother's Day. She will love them!

Absolutely Delightful

Not only is the fabric soft and adorable, the pillow smells amazing (I got lavender) and the weight on my eyes is so relaxing. It is the perfect addition to a savasana at the end of a yoga session or an afternoon nap!

Cotton Face Mask - Red Rock Linen - SM/M
Kim C.
Great fabric and fit

This one is a favorite of the adults in the family. The fabric is understated. The black elastic is appreciated. The fit is good.

A self care essential

My shipment arrived quickly and as soon as I opened the box the aroma of lavender hit my senses. My beautiful oversized eye pillows are filled with flaxseed and lavender. The fabric is gorgeous and the pillow is well made. It’s designed to be removable for washing. I love how thoughtful these pillows are designed and created! It feels great over my eyes- there is a nice weight to them. I’m so glad I purchased a few for gifts! I will be packing this with me for my precious moments of self care. ❤️

Shipped so fast!

This is a gift for my best friend! It shipped quick & I had it in time for her special day. She’s already reported back that it's a regular part of her self care routine!

Even more beautiful in person!

I am in love with this eye pillow! The fabric and the craftsman ship are amazing and I love that it was available unscented. The flax seeds are so soothing and it is a bonus to be able to remove the cover easily and wash it. Super fast shipping too!

They Smell So Good!

These sachets smell so good - and the scent is way stronger than any other sachets I’ve ever smelled. Get ready for some great smelling underwear, and work out gear, and I also nestled one into my face cloths which makes washing my face feel like a mini spa experience. The fabrics were so adorable I couldn’t choose just one and had to get two sets. Now I want more! Will be back soon…

Cotton Face Mask - Zinc Triangles - SM/L
Sarah H.
Great fit

Soft material

Cotton Face Mask - Lagoon Flannel - M
Sarah H.
Incredibly Comfortable

These masks fit my face well. I don’t need to adjust it after talking, etc. the quality of cotton is soft on my face and nose. Hands down my favorite mask company by far.

Lavender Sachets in Pastel Rainbow - Set of 2
Elizabeth E.
A super amazing Gift for yourself or a friend

I order only one set for a baby shower gift. Which my friend loved so much she took it to the hospital.
I loved it so much that I order 4 more sets. One for myself, my sister, my mom and one just in case.
I would recommended this to everyone.