Organic Lavender Sachets in Mazy's Floral - Set of 2

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Our soothing, fragrant lavender organic sachets are bundled in sets of 2, tied with hemp twine and topped with a hang tag. These sachets make a wonderful gift, year-round, and are a proven sellers for our brick & mortar retailers. Each sachet is approximately 4 1/2"" x 4 1/2"", filled with 4 oz. (by volume) of organic lavender flowers. These sachets are made with a gorgeous floral print in peach and green that gives us 70's wallpaper vibes-- but in a good way! Backed with natural linen fabric.

Minor Thread's organic lavender sachets make a lovely gift and great hostess gifts. They can be tucked into drawers and suitcases to keep clothing fresh, and the fragrance of aromatheraputic lavender can be use to soothe stress and headaches. Give them a little squeeze to refresh the scent! 

Each sachet measures 4.5" x 4.50". One set of two sachets per order.

Made by hand and with care in Downtown Los Angeles, California.